About Us

Welcome! We're stoked your here. 

About Us

Pines & Palms is a husband and wife team out of Seattle. We discovered in 2015 that we not only make awesome children together, but pretty awesome children's clothing as well. Today we are excited to offer adventure apparel for a green tomorrow for infants, toddlers and children.

Pines & Palms is named after our love for the pine trees in our beautiful PNW paradise, and our love for our family's Pacific Island roots. But our love for trees goes a lot deeper than our name. 

Our Mission

Our mission at Pines & Palms is to inspire a love of nature and spirit of adventure in not only our own small children, but in younger generations. We see that outdoor play and adventure is nearly becoming extinct with the rise of gadgets and we are fighting to keep a love of nature alive in our children not only for their own physical and mental wellbeing- but for the planet. 

Our Promise

At Pines & Palms, we know that it takes a village.
Raising a nature-loving child in a modern world is not easy. 
You can depend on us to be your tribe. 
To support your efforts to give your child the most magical childhood possible.
We’ve got your back when your kids are whining about staying inside and despite the temptation of letting them watch TV to get some personal time, you say “let’s go.”
We know that it takes a fighter to raise their kids in nature. This takes conscious effort. But when you do, you are investing in your child's life-long health and happiness.
We will help cultivate your child's belief that they are powerful beyond measure. 
And we will be here to encourage you, inspire you, and give you strength when re-wilding your children in the era of technology is plain difficult.
It’s hard. But it is so worth it.